Millie Bobby Brown with her boyfriend at the premiere of Enola Holmes 2.

Millie Bobby Brown with her boyfriend at the premiere of Enola Holmes 2.

Millie Bobby Brown

Millie Bobby Brown and her boyfriend Jake Bongiovi were having a date night as the two was snapped at the red carpet for the premiere of Enola Holmes 2 in Ney York City on Thursday. Millie played Enola Holmes the younger sister of the famous Sherlock Holmes. The stranger things star and her boyfriend were at the Paris Theatre, the two posed happily at the red carpet. In an interview with Millie on the red carpet, when she was told that her and her boyfriend look like a cute couple, Millie blushing deeply looked back at her boyfriend, she said Jake in unbelievably handsome. Millie and Jake who is the son of the legendary rock star Jon Bon Jovi were first rumored to be dating in 2021, since then the two have been having vacations and just enjoying the beauty and innocence of young love. We hope Millie will always remain happy!!!

The first Enola Holmes follows the journey of young Enola, the younger sister of Sherlock Holmes, young Enola was searching for her lost mother who disappeared, she went to London to begin the search of her mother. Throughout the journey Enola overcome many obstacles especially when she was forced into attending finishing school for girls, she escapes the school and saved a young lord who is running from his greedy family on the way, she later became a super detective like her brother.

The reason for the premiere is because of her new movie Enola Holmes 2, so we have talk about it, Millie said she remembered how overwhelmed she was of how popular the first part of Enola Holmes, she thinks people were able to connect with her character Enola. Millie said were able to connect well with series because they feel they can “break the fourth wall.” Millie think most younger people were able to relate more to Enola, they look at her think she’s like us, we are kind of in the same age with this amazing character, we cable of things like that too, they feel they are together on her journey and they grow with her.

Henry Cavill played the legendary detective Sherlock Holmes in the franchise, he’s Enola’s older brother, Enola was following in her brother’s footstep. In the teaser of Enola Holmes 2, Enola opened her own detective agency, but things were not looking as well as she wants, a new case she was working found face to face to her brother, turned out Sherlock was also working on the same case, so joined and decided to work together.

Recently, Henry announced that he’s coming back as his former character Superman, he made a brief appearance on Black Adams alongside The Rock. When Millie was asked if she knew anything before the announcement, she said Henry was secretive about the new, she was happy for him.

Millie also talked a little bit on stranger things, with the series being on the last season, she said she’s coming to term with the series ending.


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